Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Natalie and I'm a Group Fitness instructor who loves to cook, bake, talk-about and read anything that has to do with food and the human body.

I started this blog as a way to share my passion for healthy baking, cooking, and overall wellbeing.
A credit analyst during the day, I constantly find myself day-dreaming of an afternoon purusing cookbooks, or the next delicious concoction I might get to try and bake!  I believe that being "fit" is so much more than an hour on a treadmill and goes hand-in-hand with eating lots of real, clean, delicious food!

Because I have allergies to gluten, dairy, and soy most of my recipes will be free of these allergens, but some will not. There's nothing I love more than sharing beautiful baked goods with other people, and sometimes just can't pass up on a delicious, gluten-filled recipe I know they'll love!

Some day I would love to go back to school to become a registered dietitian, but as of right now any nutrition opinion I give here is from self-study. My hope is that this blog will come to serve as a place to help relax, unwind, and inspire you; If nothing else I hope it makes you hungry- hungry for food, hungry for life, and hungry to take care of yourself.
So please, stay as long as you'd like.  Breathe, dream, and enjoy...

Just be sure to take everything with A Grain of Salt.